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The small court size (only 20 ft x 44 ft) provides for long rallies and a variety of play by players determined to win over their opponents. The fast volley exchanges increase the fun for players and spectators. Pickle-Ball is played by 2 or 4 players on a court identical to a badminton doubles court in size. Lowering the net to 3 feet on the badminton doubles court will convert it to Pickle-Ball court. Lightweight paddles (slightly larger than a Ping-Pong Ball paddle) and a plastic perforated ball are the keys to producing long, exciting rallies consisting of volleys at the net and ground strikes similar to tennis.

The game involves strategies that includes the lob, overhead, smash, passing shots by the opponent at the net and the fast volley exchanges. The game can be played either in singles, doubles or in mixed doubles. The scoring system is identical to badminton where only the team that is serving can score points. Deuce at 14-points if it is a 15-points game, but at 10-points if the game is played at 11-points. If it is a rubber sets, players change sides at 8-points for 15-points but changes sides at 6-points if it is played at 11-points.

The serving has to be below waist, the receiving team has to let the ball bounce once and the serving team also has to let the return of serve bounce once (i.e. once on each side of the court). Only after these two bounces can the ball be volleyed in a rally.

Pickle-Ball is played in most community clubs in Singapore. Please check with your local community clubs if there is a Pickle-Ball group.

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