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Short History of Pickle-Ball Game (from America)

The Pickle-Ball game was first invented in 1965 in Seattle, Washington USA by Mr Joel Pritchard, Ex-Lieutenant Governor of the State of Washington, and Mr Bill Bell, a successful businessman. The original purpose was to provide a game that the whole family might enjoy regardless of level of athletic ability and strength. However, the individual will find this sport demanding and challenging enough to make one want to play Pickle-Ball regularly.

The key to the rapidly increasing popularity of Pickle-Ball is that it is very easy to learn and is quickly enjoyed by everyone, men, women, and children. Pickle-Ball has enjoyed widespread growth throughout the United States of America, Canada, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Pickle-Ball took off in a very big way worldwide because it is a cheap and easy game to play on an ordinary Badminton Court. Although originally the game was meant for family to have an active, healthy and meaningful life, it is now also well accepted by the youth and all walks of life.

Introduction to Singapore

Pickle-Ball in Singapore started in 1988, supported by Singapore Sports Council and People’s Association. It is an official sport for life launched by Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong in 1996. The Singapore Pickle Ball Association was chartered 1st May 1995. Pickle ball is played in schools, colleges, universities and other tertiary institutions as well as corporate clubs.

Some players have in fact indicated that they play Pickle-Ball not only for fun but for health reasons too. They can not find any other game that is more suitable than Pickle-Ball to get fit and trim. Pickle-Ball caught on with many younger players in Singapore as most of them play Badminton, Tennis and Table-Tennis. They already have the basic stroke and do not have any difficulty in mastering the Pickle-Ball game.

The major national tournaments include the Singapore Pickle-Ball Association, the Singapore Pools, Novice and Pesta Sukan Pickle-Ball tournaments. These are really grand events with over 100 teams taking part. We have teams from Malaysia to take part as well. Pickle-Ball players would fill an entire sport hall, sometimes 5 courts running simultaneously. For the schedule of events, you can call the Singapore Pickle Ball Association at Tel: 747 3855.

Friendly matches are also held almost every month in Community Clubs or Centres. We have also have brought the game to exhibition tournaments and sports exchange programs in Thailand and Australia. These include the 2nd and 3rd World Festival of Traditional Sports and Games in Bangkok and Geelong Victoria Australia.

The Singapore Pickleball Association is also promoting the Singapore Pickle-Ball Association membership. Incentives for members include discounts at various establishments and subsidized entry fee for taking part in Pickle-Ball tournament.

Pickle-Ball is played in most community clubs in Singapore. Please check with your local community clubs if there is a Pickle-Ball group.

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