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Pickle-Ball is a hybrid of Badminton, Tennis and Table-tennis, a three in one game, played with wooden paddles and a perforated plastic ball. It can be played on a normal Badminton court or on any hard surface such as driveways, parks, cul-de-sacs, playgrounds, tennis/volleyball/sepak takraw courts. The net is lowered to 3 ft high. It is very easy to learn and is quickly played and enjoyed by everyone, men, women, children and benefiting people at all ages.

Pickle Ball is an easy sport, excellent for school children slightly on the stout side and people new to exercising. It is excellent aerobic exercise for weight loss. It is low cost game, badminton courts are already common in sports facilities. There is no need to spend extra money on building new courts. You just have to buy the paddles and balls. Pickle Ball can be played indoor, there is no need to be constrained by the weather. It is an excellent introductory game to sports, if you find badminton, tennis or squash too strenuous.

Pickle-Ball is an ideal family sport. Mixed doubles are great fun with father and daughter trying their skill against mother and son. It provides for outstanding family exercise, entertainment and fitness.

Winning Pickle-Ball requires putting the ball where you want, controlling the tempo of the game, and keeping the ball in play. Size and strength are not major factors in who will win the game, because strategy and tactics tend to be just as important in the final outcome.

Pickle-Ball is Part of Sports for Life scheme by Singapore Sports Pickle-Ball is played in most community clubs in Singapore. Please check with your local community clubs if there is a Pickle-Ball group.

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